A Comprehensive List of VDR Software Providers

Products that fall into the general category of virtual computer rooms are similar in many ways and help companies of all sizes solve their business problems. Features, pricing, configuration and installation for small businesses, however, differ from companies of other sizes. That’s why we match buyers with the right virtual data room for small businesses to suit their needs. Compare product reviews based on business reviews or consult one of G2’s purchasing consultants to find the right solutions in the Virtual Data Room for Small Business category.

To be included in the Small Business VDR software category, a product must have at least  reviews written by a small business reviewer. See reviews and comparisons of leading vdr providers.


Ansarada Group Limited (Ansarada) is an Australian well-known public company (ASX: AND) that develops products used worldwide by companies, consultants, and authorities to support their most critical information and processes in agreement and transaction management, board management, and regulatory compliance. requirements and purchasing. Ansarada is committed to helping organizations around the world operate more efficiently, reducing risk and increasing their ability to make quick and safe decisions. Transactions worth $ 1 trillion have been made on the Ansarada platform.


Dropbox .

Dropbox allows users to create a special folder on their computers that Dropbox syncs so that it has the same content no matter what device they use to view it. Files in this folder are also available through the Dropbox website and mobile apps. Dropbox operates under the Freemium model, where all users can create a free account with a certain amount of free space, while a paid subscription is required to increase the account amount.


ShareVault offers a virtual data solution for companies of all sizes who want to securely share sensitive documents between users and third parties. The cloud service, which is always on, can be accessed not only from any Mac or PC with a web interface and browser but also from a smartphone. Native ShareVault apps for both iOS and Android platforms allow users to remotely view documents in an enterprise-compatible and completely secure way with enterprise-class file encryption.


The company has committed itself to design a solution that is both secure and user-friendly to support mission-critical projects in an effective way. iDeal’s virtual data room offers more than 100 features for efficient document and user management, activity tracking and team collaboration.

The company was founded in 2008 on the principles of outstanding service and technological innovation. The mission is to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

iDeals has won the trust of half a million business users. 


SecureDocs is designed to provide you with valuable information about the activity in your computer room. Audit track reports, activity alerts, dashboards and questions and answers provide the visibility you need to measure buyer or investor interest.


Clinked is a cloud-based customer portal and collaboration tool. It enables teams, project teams and corporate clients to collaborate effectively on documents and files from a secure cloud environment.


OneHub is a file-sharing software product that provides you with comprehensive file management and security options. It offers cloud storage solutions that keep important business data safe with a range of security features, including encryption, access control and strong audit trail. The software product also supports real-time synchronization so that all employees can work with the latest versions of files. OneHub can be installed on Windows and Mac computers. It is also available as software as a service (SaaS) and on Android and iOS mobile devices.